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Everything is connected.

From February 8-22 it was the The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation challenge week! I accepted the challenge (see below) but I propose we expand this into our daily lives indefinitely! Lets make this a daily practice to live by. Be an ambassador for kindness with all your daily interactions. Lets make compassion, kindness and empathy the North of our moral compass. We can inspire each other buy sharing in our community! This practice speaks to the philosophy of lovingly changing the vibration of the planet one person at a time.

We really hope you will join us in this movement – the small things matter and everything contributes to the collective energy we create. There are no rules, make your kindness practice your own! Dive right in or take your time – no pressure. Pressure inhibits the organicness of this process. It is a process because once your energy begins to change and you feel those amazing benefits you will naturally want more and thus organically begin to change your life in significantly positive ways, which will change the world.

Here is my journey…or just the beginning I should say

Pre-challenge: Sunday
I’ve started early – I was just ordering food and I told the lady taking my order, “You’ve been really helpful, I really appreciate it, Thank You” and she seemed pleased. It’s these small things that are sometime the foundation for the bigger ones.

Random Acts of Kindness Challenge Day 1: Monday
It is a cold freezing rain day here in NYC and when I went out this morning I noticed a mom having problems getting her umbrella up as she navigated the icy streets – perfect opportunity I thought – I went up to her and asked if she needed help and with a big sigh she said can you please just hold the stroller handle while I organize my bags – Happily I said. She thanked me with a big smile and our eyes connected on a very human level. As I walked back home I had a big smile on my face and that big smile made another person smile, it felt mystically but simply beautiful – I’m safe and warn in my apt. Now but my heart, and face, is still smiling – I feel great! 🙂

Random Acts of Kindness Challenge Day 2: Tuesday
Today I gave and received kindness. Funnily enough both concerning bathrooms, weirdness? I had a delivery at home this morning and as I was singing for the package I noticed the deliveryman looked uncomfortable so I asked if he was ok and needed anything. He said he was desperate to use a bathroom – as a single lady living in NYC you always need to be cautious but I felt in the energy of trust and kindness so I offered to let him use mine and he was extremely grateful.

Shortly after at a lunch appointment I was waiting on a bathroom line chatting with this lady and I told her it was random acts of kindness week and she was blown away by the very idea of it and in the spirit of that she let me go before her. I gratefully received her kindness.

Random Acts of Kindness Challenge Day 3: Wednesday
Today has been interesting. I was in a drug store and helped a man in a wheelchair get a couple of things he couldn’t reach. It didn’t feel like I had gone out of my way but the intention was there – he actually barely thanked me so maybe this was me receiving an act of kindness, receiving kindness in the form of a great lesson – true giving doesn’t expect anything in return.

A few hours later…I thought what else could I do today??? Gratitude mediation? Was that enough? Of course that’s enough!!!! Long distance healing is something I practice and believe in but it’s so interesting to me how the pressures in our culture seem to scream for more. More, more, more of everything…don’t stop. STOP…take a breath and allow your perspective to broaden. Drop the blinders and really think what’s important and what am I willing to do in order to have that?

So, I sat in front of my intention candle and was sending gratitude to friends and family, to my building, then I imagined radiant energy begin to blanket the planet and then something profound happened, I thought, “What do they need?” – not even sure why I asked that but a clear message immediately came. Tell them “You are more than you think are” – meaning your true nature is one of beautiful loving radiance and I began to send that message out into the world. It felt really sweet and gentle and I can still feel the tingling of that energy. I sat in that beautiful energy for a bit longer, deeply at peace. But what an amazing message because it’s true, we don’t think highly enough of ourselves. We don’t dream big enough and we certainly do not realize how magnificent our spirits are – we are magnificent beings! Try imagining that and see how you feel.

Random Acts of Kindness Challenge Day 4: Thursday
Today I have shared my love, joy, inspiration and laughter with some people I love very much and that is a kindness that just has to matter.

Today I was busy and thought oh no what am I going to do???? Then I had a few Skype calls and midway through the first one I realized I was generating the energy of joy and a general sense of fun. Part of me thought is that a wimp out, is that even considered giving? Then I thought back to the conversations and realized that yes I was generating happy radiance, but I was also allowing space. I didn’t want my enthusiasm taking up all the space but that didn’t happen. What did happen was that each person I skyped with caught and matched that positive energy. For anyone out there whom thinks they have nothing to give think again, you have everything to give and its source in in your heart.

Random Acts of Kindness Challenge Day 5: Friday
Today I gave my time and energy. I was talking to one of my crystal venders about how great the self-protection stones are and she knows I’m an energy medicine practioner and asked for some advice. We talked, it was a mini consultation – I could have shortened my answer but I didn’t want to – I did not do any work on her but I did give her my full attention and explained what self-care tools could work for her and then sent a follow-up email with links to everything I suggested. It felt great.

And I let someone go in front of me at the deli just now because I had a lot and she only one thing, flowers☺

Side note: I only make oils when I’m in a space of love and joy so I knew today was an oil-making day. It felt like a symphony, I was dancing around in happy swirls of energy. That was the universe giving some kindness back to me because it felt radiantly beautiful.

Another Side note: I’m beginning to feel so mindful of kindness. Having a real connection to it everyday is creating this field of kindness and gratitude and each day it’s getting larger, or maybe deeper is a better word. This challenge is bringing my attention and energy to places I didn’t expect and it’s all amazing!

Random Acts of Kindness Challenge Day 6: Saturday
Today my act of kindness was patience. I had to call apple care and clearly got a nube who kept having to check something on his end and put me on hold for 5 minutes to gather resources to resolve my issue, and that happened a few times. I normally would have immediately asked for a manager once I realized how uneducated this “helper” was but I said wait, lets take a breadth, I have the time and he needs to learn this so I will willingly allow him all the time and space he needs to help me resolve this. I consider this a real kindness because most people I know, including myself, immediately ask for a manger but I assume that would have made him feel bad and I didn’t want that. We were on the phone for almost two hours! Issue resolved. Now its time for some kindness to myself for enduring thatJ It’s snowing right now so I’m going to take a nice walk in it and let its beauty cover me.

And check out The Good News Network! About time, right.

Random Acts of Kindness Challenge Day 7: Sunday
Today I went to the community center of Peter Cooper/ Sty Town village, and offered free self-care workshops once a month. They already offer chair yoga and meditation and the man said people loved those classes and mine would fit right in. I’m really excited to give back to the community in this way.

I’m also excited it is something I will continue doing moving forward because this has been an incredible week. I feel so mindful, thoughtful, about kindness and the beautiful energy it creates. It feels like love. Loving kindness and we should all make that energy our home.

Thanks for coming on this journey with me.

Weeks later
I am still feeling very mindful about 3 things

  • I’m responsible for my own energy, and what that creates
  • That it is so easy to be kind to people, just a super small effort to be polite, smile and express gratitude changes a persons day and they might pass that on. When you are in vibration of kindness it creates an attraction for other wonderful to come into your life #LawOfAttraction
  • Perspective is everything.