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“Walk away from the battle fields”

Posted on July 22, 2014 by allaboutgrandmamichele

Dear Souls July 22,2014
This past week July 18,– July 22,2014 I was in many battle fields. Some of the new opening business receptions, walked away feeling good loving energy. The reason I call them battle fields is because any new business is in battle to get clients for their survival. Some battle fields were filled with anger, pain, or fear of the unknown because losing positions, bad health, unsolved issues still attached to their mind, body and soul I had no business to change. They were their life lessons to resolve in this incarnation.
All I intended to do was to spread some fairy dust with my ability to just listen and dance.

These are a few photos taken from my extensive trip outside my retreat in Damascus P.A.

I have enough battle fields on my own property in Damascus PA
My on going battle is with Mother nature. She sent me a gift of lightning, wind storms, Rain storms, flooding, hale and a little tornado ran up my property. She gave me these gifts so I would connect to my roots of my ancestors buried in this secret earth surrounding me. She as always is very wise to connect to me and gives me the strength to pickup the falling limbs AND WAIT FOR THE SUN TO SHINE ON ME GIVING ME POWER TO THRIVE WITH AN I CAN AM I WILL DO WHAT IT TAKES TO GET MYSELF BACK TO MY COMFORTABLE SPACE AT MY RETREAT IN DAMASCUS PA.