It Is Our Time To Transform The world: The Mayans Wisdom Shared!

February 1, 2016 in Giving Your Energy, Giving Your Time, Healing, Inspirations, Recent News — Share this


This is such an important organization and message! The story of the Eagle & Condor is amazingly relevant & coordinates with so many indigonious people & healing modalities, like Energy Medicine. I have had the great honor of being with some of the Ecuadorian tribes with John Perkins – Shuar, Achua (video on this link highlights them) and the Kichwa (and just now the Mayans). John Perkins and his team are truly helping to change the world and I thank them for their inspiration. The article, and videos on the link offer hope and inspiration to become apart of the solution!

This Photograph was taken at Tikal, Guatemala, at night by Rick Maitiri and I am one of the people on the top!

A Mayan Prophacy & Call To Action