The Mayans Environmental Message We Must Hear!

February 1, 2016 in Giving Your Energy, Giving Your Time, Inspirations, Positive Thought / Intentions, Recent News — Share this


These pictures are telling a very important environmental story! During the Mayan Golden age about 4000 years ago they built incredible pyramids, alters, ball courts, observatories & housing. Due to lack of resources & a growing population they expanded their main city to lower lands about 2000 years ago. Look at the picture on the bottom of this post and imagine no trees! Their city was not dissimilar to NYC. They created this white city with vibrant colors on the structures I mentioned above – I can only imagine the stunning beauty but beauty has its price! They used up all the natural resources & this is why they eventually abandon their cities.
In the main picture above you see Julio inside a partially dug out tunnel. The Mayans would build on top of existing structures when they needed more space & in this picture we can see that they started out with about a foot of plaster / concrete as building blocks & then as time goes by we see the building blocks become thinner & thinner (all carbon dated) because they were running low on resources!
Julio Tot & John Perkins explained to us the Mayans new they had mistreated earth & part of their prophecies is that now we are meant to learn from them, change our ways & save the planet. This is why the Mayans & other indigenous peoples are beginning to share their knowledge – this is a time of light, a time to transform & heal our Mother Earth & ourselves. Let this be true! Let us all take loving & kind actions to help our Mother. ‪#‎Environment‬
Check out the Pachamama Alliance to learn more and possible help out. I personally commit to showing the earth more love and respect through thought but most importantly action – I am an ambassador, join me!