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The Mayans Environmental Message We Must Hear!

These pictures are telling a very important environmental story! During the Mayan Golden age about 4000 years ago they built incredible pyramids, alters, ball courts, observatories & housing. Due to lack of resources & a growing population they expanded their main city to lower lands about 2000 years ago. Look at the picture on the […]


Godi Godar Saving the Rainforest

Godi Godar is Saving Our Rainforests!http://www.mtv.com/news/2201392/godi-godar-go-conscious-earth-rainforest/ We all know and love the ’90s classic movie “Fern Gully,” in which a bunch of fairies — and their animal friends — must band together to save their rainforest from destruction. It’s a cartoon, but at its core, the story is far from fiction. In fact, right now, […]