Save the Rainforest & Save Lives

June 25, 2015 in Ambassadors of Love & Healing, Inspirations, Kindness To Others, Recent News — Share this


Hello Friends,

1st please take the time to watch this short but powerful video ๐Ÿ™‚
Click here to learn about the organization and to donate, thank you! – Go Conscious Earth

I am so passionate about this cause because I personally know all funds are going directly to the communities through the founder of Go Conscious Earth, Godi Godar, a true example of an Ambassador of Love & Healing – this is not going through a big organization, 100% of your donations are directly going to the people and communites to pay for tools and services that will help save lives and the environment. Watch the incredible video – itโ€™s incredible! (link above)

This is a non-profit so anything you give tax deductable! EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS – FOR REAL!!!!!!

BIG NEWS!!!! All Donations MATCHED until Sunday the 28th, 2015!!!!! Please help! We all live on this planet and share in its health or destruction.

Help us save the rainforest one acer at a time – one dollar at a time! Saving this rainforest is crucial to saving our environment which affects us all – if there was ever a time to step forward and help now is the the time because All Donations From Now to Sunday Sight (up to $3000) will be MATCHED!!!

If you are reading this after the “Match” date please this is an ongoing campaign so please give when you can, thank you!

Honestly every dollar matters – thank you so much everyone!