John Perkins Speaks About The Hopeful Prophecy Of The Eagle & Condor

February 1, 2016 in Giving Your Energy, Healing, Inspirations, Kindness To Others, Positive Thought / Intentions — Share this


This Story is right on! It’s not surprising most indigenous people have this same prophecy or that in my Energy Medicine community people speak about this transformational time. Truth is truth and we can all feel and see the old ways crumbling. We intuit positive shifts are happening within and around us and for many of us this is a call to action, to forge bravely forward with love and light in our hearts. To be the inspiration, to create the change. Personally I commit to expressing and helping others the importance of changing to a gentler way of life and being – I am an ambassador, join me:) And enjoy his video by clicking below….

Prohacy of The Eagle & Condor