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The Mayans Environmental Message We Must Hear!

These pictures are telling a very important environmental story! During the Mayan Golden age about 4000 years ago they built incredible pyramids, alters, ball courts, observatories & housing. Due to lack of resources & a growing population they expanded their main city to lower lands about 2000 years ago. Look at the picture on the […]


It Is Our Time To Transform The world: The Mayans Wisdom Shared!

This is such an important organization and message! The story of the Eagle & Condor is amazingly relevant & coordinates with so many indigonious people & healing modalities, like Energy Medicine. I have had the great honor of being with some of the Ecuadorian tribes with John Perkins – Shuar, Achua (video on this link […]


Save the Rainforest & Save Lives

Hello Friends, 1st please take the time to watch this short but powerful video 🙂 Click here to learn about the organization and to donate, thank you! – Go Conscious Earth I am so passionate about this cause because I personally know all funds are going directly to the communities through the founder of Go […]



We always complain the news is always bad news, or hype news but more importantly why isn’t anyone reporting all the good things? Well as soon as I found the GoodNewsNetwork I thought finally! Check in daily for your does of good news – Vitamins for the soul. Keep the kindness flowing : Keep being […]


Great Ideas For Giving Good Energy

Random Acts of Kindness has great resources for how to start your journey towards daily kindness and being an Ambassador of Love & Healing – let us know how it goes!


Random Acts of kindness Day – Why Not Make It Everyday!

Saturday November 15th is Random Acts of Kindness Day – We love this organization!!! Random Acts of Kindness call for action and offers great simple ways to get involved. We day this is an all year round daily event – make everyday, every moment count! Get involved – on any level – even by simply […]


Ambassadors of Love & Healing

We’re just getting started! Full site coming soon…. But please join us now by sharing your thoughts and stories. Ambassadors for Love & Healing (ALH) Empowering Every Person To Lovingly Change The Vibration Of Our Planet Ambassadors of Love & Healing is a global grassroots effort to empower the individual. By giving your energy and […]