Kindness To Others


John Perkins Speaks About The Hopeful Prophecy Of The Eagle & Condor

This Story is right on! It’s not surprising most indigenous people have this same prophecy or that in my Energy Medicine community people speak about this transformational time. Truth is truth and we can all feel and see the old ways crumbling. We intuit positive shifts are happening within and around us and for many […]


Save the Rainforest & Save Lives

Hello Friends, 1st please take the time to watch this short but powerful video 🙂 Click here to learn about the organization and to donate, thank you! – Go Conscious Earth I am so passionate about this cause because I personally know all funds are going directly to the communities through the founder of Go […]


Kids With Special Needs Become Superheroes In Mom’s Awesome Photo Series

When mom Renee Bergeron took superhero-themed photos of her son with special needs, the little boy was so overjoyed with the experience that she decided to offer her services to other children like him. The result is an inspiring photo series called “The Superhero Project,” which shows kids with special needs dressed as superheroes, showing […]

A true Inspiration!

This is one of the most inspirational stories I’ve ever heard, she is a true Ambassador of Love & Healing. It’s the story of Veronica, a girl from Detroit, who thanks to a college class got an idea that would end up changing lives of hundreds of homeless people. She is only 24!



We always complain the news is always bad news, or hype news but more importantly why isn’t anyone reporting all the good things? Well as soon as I found the GoodNewsNetwork I thought finally! Check in daily for your does of good news – Vitamins for the soul. Keep the kindness flowing : Keep being […]

Everything is connected.


From February 8-22 it was the The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation challenge week! I accepted the challenge (see below) but I propose we expand this into our daily lives indefinitely! Lets make this a daily practice to live by. Be an ambassador for kindness with all your daily interactions. Lets make compassion, kindness and […]

heart cloud

Give Good Energy

The law of attraction tells us that energy, is attracted to like energy so if you are a loving person you will receive love back. With this in mind, it is important that you take responsibility for your thoughts and emotions and use them for good. Sounds a bit superhero-ish but it’s true. The more […]


Share a Story

Sharing your thoughts and actions inspires all of us to follow your example. We are all interconnected and when we have an awareness of how many other people in the world feel and want what we do it’s a beautiful moment of connection to our collective goal to bring more peace, love, happiness and health […]

The Urban Elephant: Shirley’s Story

Solomon James is the perfect example of an Ambassador of Love & Healing. He gives his heart energy and compassion to a lonely animal in captivity. It was his job, sure, but not everyone would have brought such love to help this magnificent elephant everyday. From ArgoFilm’s “The Urban Elephant” comes the touching story of […]