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The Mayans Environmental Message We Must Hear!

These pictures are telling a very important environmental story! During the Mayan Golden age about 4000 years ago they built incredible pyramids, alters, ball courts, observatories & housing. Due to lack of resources & a growing population they expanded their main city to lower lands about 2000 years ago. Look at the picture on the […]


John Perkins Speaks About The Hopeful Prophecy Of The Eagle & Condor

This Story is right on! It’s not surprising most indigenous people have this same prophecy or that in my Energy Medicine community people speak about this transformational time. Truth is truth and we can all feel and see the old ways crumbling. We intuit positive shifts are happening within and around us and for many […]


It Is Our Time To Transform The world: The Mayans Wisdom Shared!

This is such an important organization and message! The story of the Eagle & Condor is amazingly relevant & coordinates with so many indigonious people & healing modalities, like Energy Medicine. I have had the great honor of being with some of the Ecuadorian tribes with John Perkins – Shuar, Achua (video on this link […]


Kids With Special Needs Become Superheroes In Mom’s Awesome Photo Series

When mom Renee Bergeron took superhero-themed photos of her son with special needs, the little boy was so overjoyed with the experience that she decided to offer her services to other children like him. The result is an inspiring photo series called “The Superhero Project,” which shows kids with special needs dressed as superheroes, showing […]


“Walk away from the battle fields” Posted on July 22, 2014 by allaboutgrandmamichele Dear Souls July 22,2014 This past week July 18,– July 22,2014 I was in many battle fields. Some of the new opening business receptions, walked away feeling good loving energy. The reason I call them battle fields is because any new business […]

Just Keep Smiling

“Every day is a wondefuld day to share a smile.. its one of the wonderful gifts thats free and can change someones day in the most amazing way” Vanessa Reyes


#DirectedbyWomen: inviting balance by throwing a worldwide film viewing party!

I’m inviting the world to fall madly in love with women filmmakers and wildly celebrate their work….. and I’m engaging in this process as a way to invite greater balance and harmony into the world. Please join in. Most important step to take to get things going is simply to SHOW UP at the #DirectedbyWomen […]

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Give Good Energy

The law of attraction tells us that energy, is attracted to like energy so if you are a loving person you will receive love back. With this in mind, it is important that you take responsibility for your thoughts and emotions and use them for good. Sounds a bit superhero-ish but it’s true. The more […]


Share a Story

Sharing your thoughts and actions inspires all of us to follow your example. We are all interconnected and when we have an awareness of how many other people in the world feel and want what we do it’s a beautiful moment of connection to our collective goal to bring more peace, love, happiness and health […]

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Feel Inspired

This is a great Eden Energy Medicine exercise to help you feel completely fantastic. It’s called Heaven Rushing In.  It brings in feelings of inspiration and happiness. It expands your consciousness and your sense of being connected to the “heavens”. It can help you overcome sadness and depression. It gives you whatever you need. Stand with […]