Feel Inspired

July 11, 2014 in Ambassadors of Love & Healing, Giving Your Energy, Inspirations — Share this

Tina_Hands to the sky

This is a great Eden Energy Medicine exercise to help you feel completely fantastic. It’s called Heaven Rushing In. 

It brings in feelings of inspiration and happiness. It expands your consciousness and your sense of being connected to the “heavens”. It can help you overcome sadness and depression. It gives you whatever you need.

Stand with your knees slightly bent with your hands on your thighs and take a deep breadth in your nose and out your mouth. With an inhale raise your hands above your head, palms facing up toward the heavens. With your eyes closed connect with all the love, healing, joy, radiance and abundance in the universe. Everything you want and need is here for you. When you feel connected to everything you want scoop your hands towards your body and bring your hands down to lay over your heart. Repeat as needed and you can bring your hands back to your heart or to any area that you want to bring healing to.

You might want to do this a few times to really feel like you’re in vibration with what you want. Once you feel great try doing it once more and energetically connect with all the other people around the world who are your fellow Ambassadors of Love & Healing : Feeling that collective positive force is inspiring and strengthens us.