You are the solution. This global grassroots mission is here to empower and inspire you to change the world. By giving your energy and taking positive actions you become an Ambassador of Love & Healing (ALH). It’s that simple.

Whether it’s a positive thought, smiling at a stranger or organizing community efforts, it all matters. Your positive energy will spread to the people in your life, to your community and to the entire world.

This movement was founded by Tony&Tina Vibrational Remedies and stems from the knowledge that everything in existence is interconnected and real change begins with you. As John Perkins says, “The world is as you dream it” so lets dream a new world that respects every level and aspect of existence.

Our collective mission to harmoniously co-exist with each other and our environment is paramount to humanities health and happiness. We are committed to raising the loving vibration of our planet one person at a time.

Be the Inspiration

Make the commitment to be an Ambassador of Love & Healing and share your positive thoughts and actions. Your stories will inspire and offer hope to us all.

We’re just getting started! Full site coming soon…
But please join us now by sharing your thoughts and stories.